Recreate Reality

We create Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences for Australian businesses

"Augmented reality is a high priority for Australian consumers with 51% of mobile shoppers saying they’d like to see more online retailers offer AR on their websites."
PayPal mCommerce Index
Trend Reports, 22 May 2018

Mixed Reality Experts

Virtual reality

We create deeply immersive and cost effective VR experiences. Our experiences are ideal for education, training, organisational development and quality of life experiences.

augmented reality

We work with businesses and digital agencies to create white-labelled augmented reality experiences. Our experiences are ideal for architecture, design, real estate, retail and hospitality.


Differentiate your campaign and increase conversions. We add augmented reality experiences to your existing campaigns.


Increase sales and reduce returns. We help you to create realistic and interactive AR apps to showcase your products and services.


Increase effectiveness and reduce ongoing costs for training and educational courses. We create immersive simulations and environments.

"32% of businesses are developing or intending to develop an AR experience."
PayPal mCommerce Index
Trend Reports, 22 May 2018


Increased customer engagement

VR and AR are proven to result in increased customer activation and engagement with your brand and product.

Increases sales conversions

AR experiences are proven to result in increased sales conversions and reduced return rates of online products.

Use your existing content

We add AR experiences to your existing content. There's no need to modify existing content or campaigns.

Turn-key solutions

Our team works closely alongside your business to manage and deliver quality tailored solutions.

Cross platform distribution

We develop across all platforms on both desktop and mobile. We create apps for PC, Android and iOS.

Experts in our field

Our team consists of technical experts in VR/AR software development, 3D object design, and UI/UX design.

Business Use Cases

Online Shopping
Product Visualisation

Architecture and Interior Design
Design Visualisations

Visualisations and Training

Real Estate
Home Design Visualisations

Retail Shopping
Product Visualisations

Information Augmentation

Aged and Mobility Impaired
Enhanced Quality of Life Experiences

Visualisations and Solutions

Big Data
Data Visualisations

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